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If someone has been eating almost no dietary fat, and started losing libido, and having sleep problems.. If they incorporate fats into their diet at normal levels, how long will it take to be back to normal? If ever? Is the damage for forever?


The human body has an amazing

The human body has an amazing ability to restore itself, as has been seen in many eating disorder patients after they are weight-restored. Not knowing anything about your overall physical state, it's hard to predict a sure outcome. I would however, feel safe in saying that you will not suffer any permanent damage from limiting your dietary fat, but again, I don't know how long you have been doing this. I would say that from experience, if you are eating a normal diet, with at the very least, 25% dietary fat daily, and ingesting adequate calories for your body's needs, it will take only a few weeks, or maybe a month, for you to begin to notice an improvement in how you are feeling. The key is to keep it up, so that your body can continue to work at it's optimum level, which then will translate to a better quality of life for you.

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