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Im at 79lbs. Im eating about 1300cals/day for the last 3wks. My wghts gone up 2 lbs in 3wks. tho 1300/day shuldnt be enuf to cause gain. Will my metabolism speed up as i gain? Why am i gaining at a low intake?I was told id need 1800/day to gain 1lb/wk


Hi! You are a

Hi! You are a normal situation, 1300 cals is not enough to gain body mass. But, because of your low intake and that your metabolism has slowed way down, your body is probably holding fluids, etc. in a different way. This is not unusual when someone begins to increase their intake from a very low amount. Yes, your metabolism will speed up as you continue to eat consistently and add to the number of calories you are eating. It may seem erratic for a couple or three weeks, but please stick with it. I suspect it will take more than 1800 to continue a weight gain, so be prepared to go to higher level of calories to continue to gain. Are you in treatment? Seeing a therapist? Do you follow a meal plan? What kind of support do you have? I'm just hoping you have support in place as you continue this difficult process, and because you will need to look at the emotional components is you are truly going to put this behind you. You CAN do this!!
Take care, and please feel free to continue to share. Have you checked out the support forum for eating disorders as Take care..Jan