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I'm in treatment and eating a lot more / purging almost not at all but am losing weight. Do I need a hospital? I feel like I am making progress...


Hi..your metabolism has

Hi..your metabolism has likely increased as a result of a more normal and balanced eating pattern. This is good! If you are losing weight, you need to increase the amount of calories you are taking in daily. This is not unusual, and the amount of food that you will need to maintain a healthy weight for YOU may be quite a large amount, at least at first, and especially if you have weight that you need to gain. What does your treatment team say? What are they suggesting? There is a chance that you could be experiencing some malabsorption problems, which means you would need to take a special supplement that will give you the enzymes necessary for your body to absorb the nutrients in your food. I suggest that you talk this over with your treatment team, and perhaps your doctor. They would know what's best in this situation. Take care!!