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Im worried Ill gain & go over my desired and healthy wght. Will my wght maintain once at a healthy pnt? Im suppose to intake 2000 cals/day but scared that once I get to my goal wght Ill still gain. Will my wght maintain on the same amt of cals/day of 2000


I understand the fear you

I understand the fear you have about gaining weight and not being able to stop gaining. Are you in treatment? The number of calories that you are on is actually on the low side for someone who is gaining and planning to maintain a healthy weight. If you are consistent with this amount of calories, I would expect that your body will certainly not gain to a point over where your body needs to be. Everyone is different, but your body will 'protect' it's healthy weight once you get to it if you are consistent with feeding your body well. You may require a higher number of calories than this amount to maintain a healthy weight, but that can't be predicted at this point. Are you under the care of a nutritionist? Who is deciding on the number of calories that you eat? Regardless, please try to trust that you are not eating too much. Take care!!

thanks. that makes me feel a

thanks. that makes me feel a lot better. but i am in outpatient now. taking part in the 'maudsley approach' where my family controls my meals. I started taking ensure protein shakes daily, for thatll help with the cal intake.
Also, I wanted to ask another question. One which is really prying my mind as well.
I was jw if te weight will go on unproportionatley. Like, if itll go straight to my abdominal area. ive heard this is what happens. I asked many others whove recovered and wasnt informed too much. When you were recovering and putting on weight did this happen to you? Or did the weight go back on according to your body type before your initial weight loss?
I had a smaller waist and larger hips before weight loss and would perfer to keep my womanly shape after recovery.
Any info would be appreciated.

Hi...your concern is a common

Hi...your concern is a common one. Of course everyone gains weight differently, but for myself, and several other women (and young women) who had to restore to a healthy weight, very often the weight will first settle more in the waist and abdominal area. There is a reason for this. Your body has been starved, and as a protective measure, when you begin to feed yourself again, your body tries to protect the vital organs first, so the weight that comes on may go there first. BUT, it truly does distribute itself in a normal way for each person's body type within a few months. Not really very long actually, and of course it varies with the amount of weight that you end up restoring. Please try to trust the process, and your body, and remind yourself that recovery takes time. Becoming comfortable with your healthy body after being starved takes some getting use to, but it is well worth the wait!! Good luck, and I'm so happy to hear that you are working on recovery!!