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my parents have recently told me i look too thin and have discoverd my problems with eating. they now sit me down to eat dinner but i am able to get away with not eating other meals. i wish i could sit down and enjoy food but im terrified of wait gain.


Hi....I believe you could

Hi....I believe you could benefit by seeing an eating disorder specialist and get into therapy and start a meal plan to normalize your eating once again. The longer you wait, but harder it is likely to be for you to get beyond this, but YOU CAN!!
Are you an adult, or under age 18? Either way, ask your parents if they will help you find professional help. When they take the role of 'policing' you, it only causes more family conflict, which is not usually helpful. Good luck, and please get somem help!

hi i am 18. i am afriad of

hi i am 18. i am afriad of getting help beacause i dont want to gain weiht. will i gain weight if i get a meal plan? im 5ft10 and 120 pounds.

The important issue here is

The important issue here is to make sure that your body is getting the nutrition and energy that it needs, plus so that your brain can function optimally. Because you have been restricting what you eat, when you begin to eat more normally, you may gain some weight, because that is what your body and mind need to function. For your height, you are at a very low weight, and I think you need to consider the long term harm of continuing in this dangerous pattern. Please get help!

thank you for your advice and

thank you for your advice and help. i was just wondering how much i should weigh for my height if 120 is not good

Hi....I cannot give you an

Hi....I cannot give you an exact weight that you 'should' be, but because you are very tall, 120 is likely below where your body will function at it's best. I suggest that you see a doctor about your body type and have him also compare to your size as your were growing as a child, which helps to determine where your body naturally wants to be. It would be good for you to get checked out by a doctor anyway since you have been struggling in this area. Take care....Jan