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Refeeding problems


I have terrible refeeding

I have terrible refeeding edema. It is horrible and my body is just packing on the pounds. I am a disaster in every way, and I completely understand this feeling of being out of control and sore because your body hurts from the extra water stretching out your skin. I also look somewhat pregnant without the nice round stomach...much more like jello, and unevenly distributed. I have no clue if this will ever has been 7 weeks today. I currently take a prescription diuretic. I am not sure now if that is helping or hurting. My questions are: will my body return to a healthy weight if I continue to eat right and exercise moderately and what do I do about the diuretic? It is prescribed but I am really wondering if it is best now? Will I ever be normal again?

i also suffer refeeding

i also suffer refeeding problems more with my digestive system and i completely understand how difficult it is to fight for recovery when it feels so sore!!, but i have been in a teratment center and these problem are to be expected as the body begins to readjust.that may take a long time but please try and look at tese as symptoms of RECOVERY!!!u should talk to your doctor about your fears surrounding the diuretic, and be totally honest..maybe we could keep in touch as a support to get through this battle and help each other stay positive that time will heal all..good luck:)