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Tomorrow I am telling someone about my EDNOS.. but I'm so, so scared because I have no idea what to say. Please help


Oh & the person I am telling

Oh & the person I am telling is not the problem, they know about my ED but no details.. I don't know how they'll react. I don't know what to say. How do I handle it if they get angry? I'm so terrified.

Perhaps you could start out

Perhaps you could start out by sharing about how emotionally upset you have been, and how it has begun to affect your eating? You don't necessarily have to give details to people, except the professionals who are working with you. You are not to blame for this, nor are your friends or family, but many people cannot understand that unless they educate themselves or someone else helps them understand. If they express anger, that is about them, not you. Please connect with a professional for support with this, and to determine what level of treatment and help you need. You CAN do this!!