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trying desperately to recover and i was doing really well up until march,


I'm 22 years old 5ft2.5 and

I'm 22 years old 5ft2.5 and this time last year weighed a ridiculous 4stone8 (64pounds)I got my weight up from august to march putting on no more than a pound to a pound and half a week from the end of August to march this year when i weighed 6stone10 (94pounds) I was eating a ridiculous amount near 3000 calories a day and not doing anything other than sit around or sleep most of the day but then i got scared started to restrict and dropped back only a couple of pounds (90ish pounds) i was eating not much a day restricting everything i ate (prob near 1000-1200ish calories) I then got a bone density scan back and discovered I had osteoporosis and desperately want to get healthy so have been cycling 3-5days a week and slowly bumping my calories back up however i am only eating between 1500-1700 calories a day ad am putting on pounds how is this possible i used to be able to eat almost twice this and hardly put on anything when i was first in recovery up till march!! I so want to enjoy food again, is this normal if i 'binge' (as in up my calorie content back to what i was eating before i restricted again will my metabolism kick back in and so i will only put on a couple of pounds a week?? I really just need some reassurance :( x

zeberdee...if you increase

zeberdee...if you increase your calories to the level you were at before you began restricting again, it would not be bingeing, although you may feel like it is. If it is planned and consistent, and you are getting your weight monitored, it is truly what you need to restore your body and your mind. Your metabolism will kick in, and you will find that you feel a lot better. The problem is when you go up and down, and there is no consistency. This is very hard on your body and your mindset! Take care, and thank you for writing!

thank you for your

thank you for your reassurance, may i ask another question(sorry to be a pain!) So if i do up my calorie input o.k. I will put on weight but what i am scared of is the weight piling on? I don't know putting on the weight i just don't want to be frightened of a sudden increase if you get me?? I am sure my body will eventually a just and in time it will be o.k. ? x

I understand your fear, truly

I understand your fear, truly I do! If you gain several pounds quickly at first, it is likely to be fluid retention because you may be dehydrated. Also, it will take time for your metabolism to increase, so the weight gain may seem more fast at first, but it should level off. Perhaps you can commit to eating the increased calories for a week, before you impulsively make any changes. See how your body reacts and settles after a few days. If you are increasing more than 500 calories, you may want to do it in a couple of increments, maybe half, and then half again more after three days, so it won't be such a shock to your body (and your mind!).
Is there a doctor or a therapist who can weigh you so that you won't need to see the numbers for a while? That might be helpful. Or even a family member, if they understand what is going on.
Good luck!!