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Why do i keep gaining


So Ive been in recovery for 2

So Ive been in recovery for 2 years and im nearing the end of my therapy , im currently in perfect health and i no longer have thoughts about wanting to lose weight or not eat ect.. But latley i have begun to gain weight without changing anything in my lifestyle. At first it didnt bother me because i now understand that weight will fluctuate constantly and it's perfectly normal but the thing is that it kept going up every week im now up around 4.5 kg in a month and a half and it frustrating me because i cant figure out why. I dont have an intention in going back to how i was i was just wanting to know why this could be. My menstrual cycle recently returned in feb this year and thats when i sarted gaing more weight . could that be the reason is my body just trying to find a weight that it can settle at ? im 5'3 - 5'3 and a 1/2 and currently 55.5kg(122.3 pounds) and its settled there for the past 2 weeks before my period returned i had settled at 51.0kg (112.4 pounds) I know it silly but i still have a doubt way in the back of my mind saying that its never going to stop and it will continue to go up until im over weight but i dont take notice bec i know its just the anorexia trying to gain control again and i will never let that happen ive come to far and im to strong !

Oh my goodness! I had just

Oh my goodness! I had just responded to your response and then I saw this comment. This is exactly what is going on with me now. I got my menstrual cycle back, just finished second one. I have started gaining weight also. The same feeling you are having about what if it keeps on and on going up. It's probably normal to weigh more before and even during our cycle maybe? I think you will be fine and your body now will get to where it needs to be. You will be o.k. Take care.


I too think that your body is

I too think that your body is trying to settle where is needs to be. What you have shared is not unusual, and the weight you are at is not out of a normal range. I can understand how frightening it is to think that you may not stop gaining, after working so hard to erase those fears, and trusting in recovery. The more consistent you can be with your eating, the better it is for your body. Hang in there, and congratulations on your recovery!! You CAN do this!!

Ok now im really starting to

Ok now im really starting to freak ive just gone up again im now at 57 kg (125.6 lbs)what the hell is going on i havent changed my diet and im eating consistantly every few hours i eat around 5 times a day 3 main and 2 snack. i walk 5km (3.10 miles)everyday as well so i dont understand why im gaining. at first it didnt bother me because i thought i must be gaing muscle in my legs from power walking for an one hour and 1/2 but then i was told that walking does not increase muscle mass.everyone ive asked say i dont look at all different(bigger) but i fell as though they are just saying that bec they are worreid i will go down hill which im not even thinkg of doing .so what could be going on i just dont get it im trying my hardest to stay calm and at least i have other things to focus on like work ect but im really starting to worry what is happening to my body i feel like it's trying to punish me for what i did to it for 2 years i know it sounds stupid but thats what im feeling at the moment.

Reenie...I can totally

Reenie...I can totally understand how frightening this is for you, after being ill with an eating disorder and trying to 'trust' recovery. Any kind of 'exercise', even walking, can cause some of your body mass to strengthen and become muscle. I am not saying that this is why your weight has increased a bit, but it is a fact. Have you had blood tests lately, perhaps to have your thyroid function checked? It does seem odd that if you are eating a consistent meal plan, that the amount would suddenly cause you to gain. I suggest that you talk to your doctor and your treatment team about this. Take care...Jan

Hi Reenie, try and not worry

Hi Reenie, try and not worry so much about the fluctuation in your weight. My weight does this and I know it is kind of scary, especially when we are in recovery. I am trying not to weigh myself every day. It is probably just some water weight, sometimes around our monthly thing that can happen I believe. Keep on eating your meals and snacks and things will be o.k. Hugs to you!


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