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Does anyone know teatment centers that offer scholarships? I have no insurance and have no way to afford in-treatment anywhere.


I would like to answer your

I would like to answer your question about treatment centers offering scholarships. My daughter has exhausted our insurance coverage so we are in the same situation, I have many resources for you. First go onto click on research studies, in that category you will find alot of studies willing to pay you for participation. Also, you can apply for medicaid in your state and some E.D. facilities accept it. Also, or org has resources, and Mercy Ministries offers a complete 6 month program free of charge to you IF you are willing to go to Tennessee. It is really religious, but it can't be as bad as the negative dark minset that lives within your head right now right??? My daughter is still just an adolecent so I'm not comfortable sending her there alone. But you are an adult and you know how to discern right from wrong and can take the good from the program and leave the bible teachings there if need be. Not to say we don't need gods help through this right now, we do need a higher stronger power right now. Also, there are some wonderful research protocal efforts being done through the University of Minnesota the program is weeks long the program director's name is Erin . And Columbia University is always doing something in New York, I wish you luck sweetheart. And I am so happy you want to get well. You don't need money as long as you want help, I am here if you need me also, I have been thru so much, my daughter has been battling this for 6 years now and we have been thru center after center, and I will keep searching and fighting for her until she is strong enough to fight for herself. All the best to you, My thoughts and prayers are with you, ~Julia

Oh, I'm not sure which state you live in but also sometimes, there is a "charity" bed available usually around the start of the new year, December, try La Amistad in Winter Park, Fl. & The Palms Orlando, Fl

Oh my Gosh! Thank you so

Oh my Gosh! Thank you so much! This is so much information-I can't thank you enough. I can tell you have been through a lot and it is so encouraging to see someone fighting so hard for their daughter. Its a horrible disease-as you well know-and I am so tired of it, but it is so hard to make any real steps at home and without any money. It really is terrible to not only have insurance companies not pay for much of treatment-but really awful to be denied insurance company after insurance company because I have an eating disorder and therefore will cost them money. What a backwards system. Again, thank you so much. I appreciate all of this so much!