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I am currently seeing a nutritionist who has me on 1350 per day,increased over 1 month from 500 cals.Will I gain weight on this-some say it takes 2500-3000 to gain?


The minimum calorie

The minimum calorie requirement for a healthy adult, not even counting movement or activity is 1700 calories. This is what I was taught in my treatment. So in order to sustain any activity of daily living, you will definitely need considerably more calories even to sustain a healthy weight, and even more to gain the weight to get there. Every person is different, but as you gain weight, your metabolism will also speed up with the additional calories. Some of this depends also upon what weight you were beginning at. Personally, I had to gradually increase my calorie intake up to 3700 calories a day for several months just to gain my last 15 pounds, and now, I eat 2700 a day in order to maintain my weight. I'm sure that your nutritionist is very well educated, but I have found that not many are well trained in treating a person with an eating disorder. Also, because an eating disorder is not only about eating, and there are always some underlying psychological issues to work on, you might want to also be seeing a professional psychologist or therapist well trained in the treatment of eating disorders. Good luck!!

trust your nutrionist but yes

trust your nutrionist but yes it normally takes more but they might be keeping you there to start..most treatment places keep you there for a little bit!

I weigh 87-89 pounds-I

I weigh 87-89 pounds-I fluctuate all the time. I lose weight or stay the same. I do not know if I should just keep increasing 200 cals every 3-4 days to get to 2000. I want my body back and I can not afford a nutritionist anymore even though I see her every other week and she is 1.5 hours away. I have been in numerous therapists off ice and in treatment. I have been on and off for 25 years and fell back into anorexia the past 14 months. I was 127-132 before it started again but cervical cancer, never being able to have anymore kids, new marriage and aging all came to a head I guess.