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I just found out I have to do inpatient. I am scared, this is all so new to me what will they make me do? Will they make me eat, and foods I don't like? How long? Do I just sit in bed all day?


I cannot say what this

I cannot say what this particular facility's protocol will be, but they should tell you about it before you are admitted. Inpatient settings are usually fairly restrictive, and usually only needed for a short period of time, until a person is medically stable and able to step up to a partial program, where there is a bit more independence and the opportunity to practice 'real life' part of the time. Yes, you will likely be asked to eat more than you would like, but that is because you are not able to do this on your own at this time (I assume), or if you have medical complications, they can help deal with those as well. If you truly don't 'like' certain foods, that may not be expected, but if it's about being afraid of certain foods, that may be a challenge you need to take in order to free yourself from the ED behaviors. Wishing you well...?

My inpatient stay was very

My inpatient stay was very enjoyable and worth the time there. I don't know what yours will be like but they keep you very busy with groups, activities, discussions, etc. You end up having very little free time. The food was awesome and they let you have choices. Eating their meals was what actually got me started eating again. I realized how much I missed good food. I met a lot of great friends there too who were all in the same situation. Go into it with a positive attitude and look forward to learning and finding new tools, friends and support!!