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I will be doing an outpatient program over the summer for binge eating disorder, what kind of things will I be talking about when I am in therapy, and what kind of homework, and assigments will I recieve? Just a overall general idea, no specifics needed.


Rain...It's great that you

Rain...It's great that you will be getting some specific help for your eating disorder issues! Good for you! It's impossible to know what type of things you will be asked to do as part of this program. Each program does things differently and hopefully, according to YOUR needs. This would be a good question to ask the facility intake person if you have that option before you begin the program, but they may not even know until you begin the program. Most likely it will involve self-esteem work, and behavior modification techniques, but I can't predict what they will be. Good luck, and I hope you find this to be helpful!!