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I've been getting chest tightness/pain in between the scheduled meals me and my dietitian agreed on. I was used to only eating once per day, now its 4-5 x/day andI have increased my calories significantly. Is this a side effect of my body adjusting?


more info if its important: I

more info if its important: I have no history of heart problems or chest pain, no history of hospitalization (ED related or otherwise),and no other health complaints. I'm 5'9 and between 98-104lbs depending on the day, and the tightness is accompanied sometimes by a feeling of being light-headed and/or warm.

Hello...I'm glad you are

Hello...I'm glad you are getting some professional help! The tightness/pain you describe could very well be a combination of anxiety about eating more, and your body adjusting to more food, etc. But I would never want to tell you to ignore anything of this sort. Please talk to your doctor and make sure that nothing else is going on. The lightheadedness and 'flush' are also common, but once again, nothing to be ignored. Please see you doctor. Take care.

Thanks so much for your

Thanks so much for your input! I am going to ask my doctor about it, but I'm in uni exams right now and don't have time to go until the start of May. I just wanted to get some opinions from people who may know more about the dietary changes that accompany recovery in order to determine it's relative urgency and set my mind at ease :)