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The doctor ordered my daughter to eat 3500-4000 calories a day to gain weight quickly. In less than 2 weeks she gained 12 lbs.,all in her abdomen. Isn't this phsycially and psychologically wrong?


If your daughter was eating a

If your daughter was eating a very low amount of calories, then jumped them to this level quickly, it could likely be that some of this weight is fluid retention. Nevertheless, I would question the amount of weight gain over such a short period of time, only because you don't want to stress her systems.
It's typical that weight gain in recovery may settle for a while around a person's 'middle'. This is a protective mechanism of the body, to protect the vital organs. The body has been starving, so it's trying to 'store' up for the next 'fast', should it happen. This will settle in time and re-distribute, but you may want to address you concerns with your daughter's doctor, and ask him for his rationale for this rapid weight gain. Wishing you all the best!