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what happens if you need treatment but have no insurance?


Angie made a very helpful

Angie made a very helpful post about research programs that offer free treatment:
The other route, which is the one I went down, was to join ED recovery groups online, and working through it on your own. Eating Disorders Anonymous and ANAD offer support groups. There's also which pairs you with a mentor.

god bless for the links i was

god bless for the links i was in a day program had to stop due to the insurance ! why is it so hard for insurance to regard ed as an illness ? i always have wondered ? my therapist doctors have tried so much to get me in again to no avail !

Hi...if the treatment center

Hi...if the treatment center or professional knows what they are doing, they will know how to deal with the insurance company and help you to get coverage for ED treatment.
Here is a website which may be helpful as well.

Research programs are not always the best quality of care, because they are more concerned about gathering data, but it would be better than nothing.
Something very important to consider is making sure that you get good aftercare. The first year after treatment is the most vulnerable time for relapse, so you need to be hooked up with someone who specializes in eating disorders to follow you after treatment.
Good luck!!

god bless you jan & thank you

god bless you jan & thank you i do have ins but they do not want to pay for another day program it was hard enough to get into a day program before but i will look into these links now & i do appreciate it very much .

i haven't answer till now just not doing too well to be here .


Thank you and good luck!! Jan

Thank you and good luck!! Jan

Eating Disorders are

Eating Disorders are considered a mental illness and most insurance companies do allow a certain number of visits per year. I understand you may need more than therapy to overcome your ED but it is a place to start and many times therapists are just the people to help you get into a program regardless of money or insurance issues.

Hello, My mother has no


My mother has no health insurance and my job does not provide insurance for the family members.I want to pay each month for health insurance for my mother to make health checks when they need to know it.Do insurance companies may accept lower monthly payments, because I did not pay so much?

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