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Dr. Daisy Miller

Behavioral nutrition bridges the gap between nutrition and psychology. It is more about how we eat than what we eat. Dr. Miller works with her clients to explore eating behaviors from multiple angles, to understand the whole problem that is interfering with normal eating. She teaches her clients internal regulation skills to help them better respond to their hunger and fullness cues. For eating problems concerning children, Dr. Miller helps families improve the feeding relationship so that children grow to be independent, competent eaters and be at the healthiest weight for them. The core of this approach is promoting self-awareness, self-esteem, and self-care.

Please call Dr. Daisy Miller directly to make an appointment for either location (Gaithersburg or Riverdale Park) Dr. Miller offers counseling sessions over the phone if scheduling in-person appointments present conflicts.

4404 Queensbury Rd., Ste. 210
Riverdale Park