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G & G Holistic Treatment Program


Treating a client’s mind, body and spirit has been a proven combination at the renowned Giordano & Goldfarb Holistic Addiction Treatment Center in North Miami Beach, Florida for over twenty years. The drug rehab center is one of the first treatment centers to offer a holistic approach to recovery. Outpatient, partial hospitalization, residential short-term (30 days or less), long-term (more than 30 days) drug rehab treatment sober living programs are all offered.

The first step for clients whose population may also include gamblers and people with eating disorders is to undergo a preliminary screening to see if toxins, heavy metals and nutritional deficiencies exist. Hair analysis screening is a useful tool for discovering imbalances. A complete biochemistry balancing program includes tests based on blood and urine evaluations. Testing of amino acids leads to evaluation of dietary protein adequacy, brain chemistry balancing and food allergy results, among other conclusions.

Clients overhaul every aspect of their lives as a multitude of issues are examined from nutrition, exercise, group therapy sessions, vitamins and herbal supplements to intensive self-reflection. All client treatment plans include yoga, spa therapies, massage, acupuncture, karate, meditation, 12-step meetings and faith-based services. Using the twelve steps pioneered by Alcoholics Anonymous, the center is devoted to rebalancing clients' body and brain chemistry.

The 62-bed residential campus provides a home-like atmosphere for clients. Fashionably decorated 2-bedroom apartments provide a comfortable, shared environment where they learn life skills, eat and engage in daily reading or homework assignments. Meals are prepared by a gourmet chef under the guidance of a licensed dietician, the program director and medical director.

1590 NE 162 St.
Suite 200
North Miami Beach