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Walker Wellness Clinic at Cooper Aerobics Center


Walker Wellness Clinic is dedicated to the recovery of anorexia, bulimia, binge eating and food addictions. We are ideally situated on a 30 acre preventive medicine campus with private guest suites and comprehensive medical services at Cooper Clinic.

In addition, on-campus restaurants, catering, and a cookery compliment nutrition treatment for all patients. Furthermore, facilities such as a full service spa, fitness center, tennis courts and swimming pools are accessible for patients who are ready to transition to an active lifestyle.

Our treatment goal is to help the patient foster a positive self-esteem and body image. We emphasize individual psychotherapy and psychological testing that identifies the underlying reasons that one has developed an eating disorder. Therefore, having a full recovery is our goal and to teach psycho-educational tools as a prevention of relapse. Consequently, our emphasis is not only on symptom removal, but on the development of the psychological and practical tools necessary for successful living.

12200 Preston Rd