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Bulimia Recovery

“I wish someone had told me how long it takes to recover. And that I’ll have relapses. It has taken my seven years and it has been a slow process. I went from binging and purging at least 4 times a day to...after treatment maybe 1 time a week, to a year later 1 time a month to....for several year relapses when I was under stress, like family dying or weddings or school. Then one day it was gone,” Lara

Bulimia recovery is possible. It is also very difficult and may require a combination of treatment modalities, including medical care, nutritionist, dental care, individual, group and/or family therapy.

Melinda Hutchings, author How to Recover from Anorexia and Other Eating Disorders suggests this: “Take one day at a time, learn how to shift your focus away from those spiteful voices driving you to self destruction. Learn to counter each negative thought with a strong, positive thought. Although this is difficult to do at first and will take much persistence and perseverance, once you have been doing this for a little while, it gets easier and you will find that it doesn’t take as much effort as it did at first. This shift in focus will help to change your perception of yourself as well as your perception of the illness that you are slowly breaking away from and leaving behind you.”

Among bulimics, 63 percent to 80 percent eventually become binge- or purge-free.




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