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Eating Disorders

Articles, Videos and treatment options for Eating Disorders

The term "eating disorder" encompasses a wide variety of abnormal behaviors that can present in a number of clinical pictures. One of the most basic ways to define "eating disorder" is as a cluster of abnormal eating habits associated with deranged thoughts or negative feelings. To define "eating disorder" adequately both psychological and clinical symptoms must be addressed.

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It may seem simple to define "eating disorder," but the truth is that the term encompasses a wide va...
A recent study determined that half a million teenagers have an eating disorders and those numbers o...
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This video shows you the steps you can take to help a friend or loved one who is going through an E...
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Shan Larter Eating Disorder Coach speaks about how your scale is toxic for your recovery and how yo...
We play a silly game at our house that goes something like this: Would you rather have a nose that y...
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This video shows you how to spot sings of Anorexia. More Videos
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Family of Eating disorder sufferers speak out how they found out. More Videos
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This video discusses some of the most common symptoms of Bulimia. More Videos
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In this video an Expert answers the very common question of Eating Disorder Relapses....
Eating disorders are not just a problem for pre-teens and teenage girls anymore. More and more boys...