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T. Benjamin Fischer

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About Me


When I think about how I want to live and the way in which I desire to serve others I, at times come to a roadblock. I have my passions, desires, hobbies, and abilities, but even when I am following those I do not always feel fulfilled. Yes, I enjoy life. I love running, playing guitar, kickboxing, baking, being outdoors, spontaneous adventures to exotic places and more. I have discovered my true passion, my deepest desire, is to help others who have gone through the same hell as I have.

While I have not been in recovery from Anorexia for long, I am in recovery. Almost exactly a year ago I was discharged from my last in-patient type treatment program and was allowed to return home after being in the hospital ‘full-time’ for 6 months. Since discharge, life has not been easy and recovery, at times, has been as hell-bent as my treatment and pre-treatment days. But here I stand. I am here and living a life that I love and have always wanted. A life where I can say I am more than an eating disorder. More than self-hatred. More than a lost cause. I am T. Ben.



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