Explaining Anorexia to Loved Ones

The first rule of eating disorders is not to talk about eating disorders—at least, that's what your eating disorder will tell you.

Is Your Child Anorexic? Here Are The Telltale Signs

Anorexia is commonly associated with teen girls, but parents should know that it's not just girls who are in danger of developing a serious eating disorder—and it's not jus

The Psychology of Anorexia: Understanding The Mindset

Why would anyone deliberately starve themselves? This is something many people wonder when they think about anorexia.

Are You Almost Anorexic? 'Borderline' Eating Disorders Can Be Dangerous

In the U.S., an estimated one in 200 people develop an eating disorder.

Reverse Anorexia Explained: Causes, Characteristics, and Treatments

Body dysmorphia is a mental disorder that causes a person to formulate extreme misconceptions about their weight, body shape, or general physical appearance.

Physical and Psychological Effects of Anorexia

Anorexia, the shorthand name for anorexia nervosa, is an eating disorder that affects millions of people around the world.

Physical Effects of Anorexia: What Your Body Is Going Through

Anorexia is a mental and emotional condition, but it can have devastating effects on the body.

How Can You Get Your Anorexic Dog and Cat To Eat Again?

Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder that most of us associate with people.

Can Anorexia Nervosa Cause Anemia?

Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder that causes people to starve themselves out of fear of gaining weight.

What Does A Day In The Life Of An Anorexic Look Like?

According to existing research, anorexia nervosa affects about 0.5 percent of young women (anorexia nervosa is very rare in men) in the U.S.