New Research Sheds Light on Multiple Factors Involved in Eating Disorders

In the past, eating disorders were primarily considered to be behavior. This overly-simplistic misunderstanding of the issue only created more stress for those suffering.

Anorexia Specific Drug: Low Doses of Atypical Antipsychotic Drug Showed Success In Study

There is currently no approved drug for anorexia nervosa, a common and occasionally fatal eating disorder.

People with Eating Disorders Distressed by Virtual Food

In this high-tech day and age, just about everything you can imagine can be found in virtual form, including food.

Researchers Provide Insight Into Binge Eating Through Rats And Frosting

Researchers are closer to finding the genetic cause for binge eating and might be getting closer to an effective treatment.

Researchers Tackle Ways of Dealing with Eating Disorders

According to a study, a large number of people who are struggling with eating disorders like anorexia have a “chronic course” which has a tendency of ending very badly for

Eating Disorders Now More Prevalent In Older Women?

According to a new study, middle-aged to older women are now beginning to become susceptible to various eating disorders – something traditionally only attributed to younge