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2004 Miss Universe Jennifer Hawkins Displays “Flaws” to Support Eating Disorder Awareness

What? Why exactly is an eating-disorder groups using an essentially perfect (not to mention fatless) 26-year-old supermodels to help average women feel better about their own bodies?

Marie Claire is all set to publish shocking (not so much) photos of 2004 Miss Universe Jennifer Hawkins. The images of the 26-year-old who posed nude will not be airbrushed or digitally enhanced, allowing creases (gasp!) and uneven skin tone (the horrors!) to be seen.
"I'm not a stick figure - I thought it would be great to tell women to just be themselves and be confident," said Hawkins. Funds raised from the images will go to the Butterfly Foundation, a support group for people with eating disorders.

She may not be a stick figure, and I couldn’t find her height and weight, but it’s safe to guess that she’s be similar to last year’s Australian winner, who topped the charts at 5 foot 9 inches and a whopping 99 pounds. That’s about a 15 BMI at a time when Miss Universe officials are considering making a BMI of 20 a contest minimum.

The foundation's general manager, Julie Parker, notes that the photo shows Hawkins's flaws, such as a crease in her waist and dimples on her thighs. You know what would impress me? Cellulite. Or a scar, at least. How about some dry skin, chapped lips, or God forbid, a stray hair?

And as an aside, since when is getting naked a charitable act?