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Cross My Heart Hope Not to Die

"'Smiling is just a picture that you can paint on your face to make it seem as though you're happy, but reality is: smiling has no meaning. It's the one card you can play when you have nothing else to put down on the table.'
Taylor and Jessica are best friends that have almost everything in common—including life-threatening illnesses. The one difference is, Jessica's is voluntary. Jessica Anderson has everything: a close-knit group of friends, parents who love her, and a size two waist. There is nothing more to life at the age of fifteen. But it isn't enough. Jessica can't find the acceptance she needs. Tormented by an eating disorder she won't acknowledge, Jessica keeps the smile on, relying heavily on Taylor for the love and support to continue living. But Taylor has devastating news: her leukemia is back. With her mask slipping and her best friend beyond her help, Jessica makes a promise she doesn't know if she can keep in the new novel Cross My Heart, Hope (not) to Die."
The reviews are starting to come in, and they’re good. Indiana teen Melissa Ford just landed a major book deal for her novel/memoir, “Cross My Heart Hope Not to Die," inspired by her battle with eating disorders.
15 year old Melissa used writing as an escape. She keeps journals and the ones she kept during the heart of her eating disorder became a novel. Cross My Heart Hope Not to Die is about broken friendships and breaking hearts.
Grab this book from Tate Publishing for the young woman in your life.


i cant wait to read it

i cant wait to read it Melissa!... im so proud of you, this is amazing!:D love you & miss you!