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Super Slim Me

How did I miss this? In case I’m not the only person on the planet who missed this incredible documentary, you’ve got to see “Super Slim Me,” a TV documentary presented by Dawn Porter. It originally aired in the U.K. by BBC Three on 25 February 2007, but has been broken down on numerous You Tube clips.

The mission? Dawn was on a mission to see what it takes to shrink from her curvy UK size 12 figure to the much-touted super skinny Hollywood zero.

Surviving on a diet of just 500 calories a day she hunts down the stylists, designers and agencies who are responsible for making skinniness not only appear possible, but the ultimate goal for any fashionista-wanna be.

At 28, she was shooting for a 22- to 23-inch waist in her two-month quest. She dropped six pounds on the first week of her 500-calorie-a-day diet. A typical day: yogurt and blueberries, rice cake and a cup of soup, salad and piece of fish half the size of your palm.
In the end, she lost 17 pounds and two sizes, but never achieved the coveted size 0.

What I found most interesting? Porter explained afterwards in an interview with The Daily Mail that “What kept me sane throughout the diet…was the realisation that my life was no better, or more successful, or colourful, when I was thin than before. In fact, the reverse was true. It was the single worst time of my life. The fact that I'd lost weight didn't make a scrap of difference, other than to make me miserable and ill. Men found me unappealing and women were jealous of me. I'd gained nothing, other than the knowledge that thin does not equal happy.”

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