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Binge and purge to lose weight… not!

Yes, the internet is a great way to look up information on almost anything under the sun. But when it comes to weight loss advices, the internet may not be exactly the safest place to look for information.

Binging, purging, and excessive exercise–these are just some of the things viewed as unhealthy eating habits by the society. However, these are being promoted all over the web, especially in those so-called pro-anorexia sites. They may not be healthy, but they are surely doing their job of making people with eating disorders feel as if what they are doing is “normal.”

However, what they are doing is far from what can be dubbed as normal. Not eating, or eating huge amounts of food then vomiting it afterwards is definitely not what one would call normal. Worse, they are actually life-threatening. In my opinion, these habits can be rightfully called as forms of self-mutilation.

If you really want to lose weight, consult a dietitian. Or spend one hour at the gym everyday. That way, you still get to lose weight, but in a healthier and more acceptable way.


That's a horrible way to lose

That's a horrible way to lose weight and is a sickness, my friend who couldnt keep weight off had bariatric surgery and it was what helped him.

I myself have had an eating

I myself have had an eating disorder for a few years now and anorexia isn't just not eating or eating very little, there are different types of anorexia and yours would be bulimic type anorexia. Thanks.
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