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Bulimia Facts


Bulimia nervosa, involves frequent episodes of binge-eating followed by vomiting, excessive use of laxatives or diuretics, fasting or excessive exercise. Like those with anorexia, those with bulimia are fearful of gaining weight and obsessed with losing weight and body image, but may not be underweight.

Bulimia Facts

  • An estimated 1.4 to 4.2% of women have bulimia nervosa in their lifetime.
  • Women are 3 times as likely as men to have bulimia
  • About half of those who have had anorexia develop bulimic patterns.
  • The incidence of bulimia in 10-39 year old women tripled between 1988 and 1993
  • The average age of onset for bulimia nervosa is 20 years old
  • 25% of college age women use bingeing and purging for weight management
  • 14% of gay men suffer from bulimia
  • The mortality rate for bulimia nervosa is roughly 3.9%
  • 81% of 10 years olds are afraid of being fat
  • Only 6% of people with bulimia receive mental health care.
  • Girls who diet frequently are 12 times as likely to binge as girls who don’t diet



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