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Real-Life Examples

I received this in an email from a professional member of the Academy of Eating Disorders. This paragraph speaks for itself. My purpose is not just to present graphic and frightening information, but to emphasize the real dangers associated with purging behaviors.

"I lost a patient with AN-B/P type to an intra-cranial hemorrhage. She was 32 and had a long duration of illness. It happened very rapidly and she was brain-dead nearly instantly. Needless to say, a horrible event and to make it worse it was on her last day of treatment and she had made tremendous strides in her recovery and was heading the right direction. I couldn’t help but believe that all those years of extreme purging behaviors had been contributory. It will be interesting to see if any other case reports surface."

You can see from this that the consequences and dangers exist even after recovery is pursued. We have no more control over our past, but we can make choices to seek help and healing today, and to stay attuned to the signals our bodies may be sending us.
The following paragraph came just after the above reference, with some additional professional input.

"The possibility of increased risk seems reasonable, especially when you consider the force and protracted episodes many have when trying to vomit. If they were pre-disposed, in other words, they already had a congenital weakening of a vessel, I would imagine that they could trigger an event, from the increased intracranial pressure. I would not be surprised also if those persons would maybe even have a warning before that, like a severe headache or temporary neurological deficit or problem, during or just after a purging episode."

There is great treatment available for all eating disorders. Please seek professional help before it's too late!!