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Anorexia: The Costume

If you can’t decide what to be for Halloween this year, do I have a costume for you!  If you wanna be the life of any party, then you have to get the “Anna Rexia” outfit! You heard me right, you can dress up as “Anorexia Nervosa“!

Anorexia: The Costume?

I mean everybody wants to dress up like a morbid disease right? Who wouldn’t want to? The outfit comes complete with a black body suit with a glittery silk screened skeleton print, a bone headband, heart name tag, a measuring tape ribbon and as a final touch: a lovely measuring tape choker—isn’t that a cute little pun?

I personally wish they would also come out with a Breast Cancer Costume. We could call it “Miss Sectimy”. She could have one boob and a chemo drip wrapped around her waste as a cute little belt.
Or better yet we could have a skin tumor costume. We could call it “Mellie Noma”.
You could have a giant growth sticking out of your head, and a shirt that said “Hospice”.
I have a great sense of humor, but when it comes to this disease I don’t. Bottom line don’t Eff with me.

Anorexia is Frightening

I wore that dumb costume permanently for 17 years. I was “Annie Rexia”, and it was not cute, or adorable, or sexy. It was like wearing a corpse everyday and I reeked of death. I want to personally sit down with the genius who came up with this costume, look him straight in the face and calmly say…WTF????
After that I would show him pictures of the thousands or men and women who have died trying to become “Annie Rexia.”
I would  show him pictures of their graves, and pictures of their parents faces as they buried them.
I would like to show him the inside of somebody who has starved themselves to half of their body weight. The shrunken organs that have been consumed by the body, the depleted cells, the brittle bones, the tiny heart barely able to beat.
Perhaps he would like to put that on a costume.
                                                                        Anorexia Kills
I guess in 2009 somebody thought the same thing, because they pulled this costume from shelves which was actually first introduced to shelves by Dreamgirl International back in 2007.
However because we live in what I consider to be a sick culture, some stores resurrected Annie like a zombie from the dead.
Ricky’s costume store in NYC, Supermodel Boutique, and (which offers her in a plus size) have put it back on the shelves.
I was so appalled that at first I was speechless, but then I decided to do what I do best and open my big mouth and scream “Bullshit!!”
Anybody who would carry this costume or decide to wear it, should be ashamed of themselves and I hope I never meet them.
I would like to come up with my own costume. It’s a happy, healthy, and recovering woman.
There are lots of women wearing that costumer each day!
And we don’t have to dress up, we can just go trick or treating as our big, bad, beautiful, selves!! SNAP!!

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