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An artist shows Barbies and Bratz dolls without their makeup — should toy makers follow suit?


A picture of a brace-faced Barbie without any makeup on recently went viral on the Internet.

The image, apparently created by Eddi Aguirre, shows America's favorite girl's toy with dark circles under her eyes, split ends littering her hair and a few moles and freckles, to boot.

Gone is the heavy eye shadow, pouty pink lips and rosy cheeks, showing us that, underneath all of it, Barbie looks just like a regular ol' girl.

Inspired by the photo, artist and researcher Nickolay Lamm has taken things a step further by defacing a few other dolls to see what they would look like without painted mugs. Using Photoshop, Lamm worked with illustrator Nikolett Mérész to create a series of pictures of Barbie, Cinderella and a Bratz doll — all without smoky eyes or a smidge of lipstick.

The original Barbie, Lamm says, is unrealistic: "It completely exaggerates, removing eyelids among other things," he told Huffington Post UK.

Lamm hopes his work might inspire toy companies to make dolls that promote a more healthy body image to young girls.

"Dolls heavily influence the way that young girls want to look," he explained. "And so, in my opinion, less is more."

Source: Huffington Post UK