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The Active Ingredient in Cannabis can Help Patients Regain Appetite and Sense of Taste Preventing Anorexia


For most cancer patients it has always been thought that the only purpose cannabis provided was to act as a painkiller a recent study has suggested that it can also help the patient regain their appetite and sense of taste. If this is true for cancer patients one must wonder if it is true for AIDS patients and patients with other conditions that allow the use of cannabis as a treatment option.

Preventing Anorexia

In situations such as cancer and AIDS, patient’s anorexia is a common result for the lack of eating and poor nutrition. Although, anorexia is classified as a mental health condition as you can clearly see there is more than one way to become anorexic. By consuming a product (usually a dessert or candy that is made with cannabis) the patient can enjoy a delicious treat while increasing their appetites.

Possible Treatment for Anorexia

An anorexic also loses their appetite as the stomach shrinks and when food is not consumed for long periods of time the taste buds also decline. We are not suggestion people with anorexia should start smoking cannabis but further research into this area of treatment for anorexics is worth studying.


The original study is for cancer patients and the results showed an increase in the patients appetites and the study is worthy of further study for other conditions including anorexia.